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Online Ordering & Delivery Management

Increase Customers. Get Unlimited Orders. Zero Commision

Online Food Ordering has been turbocharged by the pandemic and there’s no going back. As COVID-19 limiting the ability to offer dine-in experiences at restaurants and consumers are more likely to purchase restaurant food delivery online, as a business owner it is the time to transform your business to digital and welcoming the new and existing customers online.
Keeping small restaurants to restaurant chain businesses in mind, RestoNXT has brought commission-free online ordering and delivery management platform that helps restaurants to go online in minutes, launch their website and no-download app, start taking online orders and creating new customers.
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Total Order ControlYour business controls the total transaction, from order and payment to final delivery and follow up messaging.
Real-Time Tracking Instant updates on driver location using GPS data          
Custom Delivery ZonesCreate and customized delivery zones based on postal codes and other relevant parameters
Assignment FlexibilityAssign and modify individual driver delivery zones based on workload
Check Order StatusBoth business and customer can check status of order in real time
Segmented MenusCreate and modify unique delivery menus

RestoTOGO Module In Action

Bring the menu home with a full-featured delivery app that lets you pay by smartphone and track order arrival in real time

What You Get In RestoNXT 

RestoNXT is an all-in-one solution for your restaurant or pub that includes the cutting-edge features plus powerful modules like pre-ordering, queue management and table selection, online pre-ordering and payment for takeaway and delivery service, delivery management and reporting, customer loyalty programs, analytical tools and more.


Contactless digital menus, ordering and payment from customer smartphones.


Non-contact reservations and diner check-in by smartphone


Reserve a specific table, pre-order and pre-pay by smartphone


Intuitive platform to manage on-line orders and deliveries


Contactless queue management with check-in and table-ready notifications to customer smartphones


Enhanced and personalized loyalty programs using RestoNXT data


Capture and manage customer information to create personalized connections and messaging


Instant customer access to a web-based progressive app that works on all devices, with no download required by the user