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Module Features & Benefits

Streamline table service and take-away orders with pre-order and pre-pay by smartphone

Maximize efficiency and streamline both in-house and take-away ordering with a full-featured pre-order and pre-pay application that lets customers browse your full menu on their smartphones, order in advance and and make secure payments in advance. Eliminate wait times on arrival with scheduled seating and expedite table service with pre-ordering. Reduce queuing and front-of-house gatherings by patrons waiting for and paying for take-away orders. Provide just-in-time presentation of take-away items for maximum freshness and appeal.
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Pre-OrderMaximize kitchen efficiency and reduce service wait for both dine-in and take-away patrons
Pre-Pay Eliminate transaction delays and provide secure payment by smartphone          
Order Reporting Order status displays on customer smartphone
Fulfillment AlertsTake-away customers are notified when order is ready
Payment RecordingPatrons are provided with detailed electronic record of transactions
Follow-up messagingPatrons can be provided with thank-you messaging and incentives sent to their smartphone

Module In Action

An enjoyable and contactless way to browse, order and pay from your smartphone before you are seated, leaving more time to enjoy the dining experience on your own schedule

What You Get In RestoNXT 

RestoNXT is an all-in-one solution for your restaurant or pub that includes the cutting-edge features plus powerful modules like pre-ordering, queue management and table selection, online pre-ordering and payment for takeaway and delivery service, delivery management and reporting, customer loyalty programs, analytical tools and more.


Contactless digital menus, ordering and payment from customer smartphones.


Non-contact reservations and diner check-in by smartphone


Reserve a specific table, pre-order and pre-pay by smartphone


Intuitive platform to manage on-line orders and deliveries


Contactless queue management with check-in and table-ready notifications to customer smartphones


Enhanced and personalized loyalty programs using RestoNXT data


Capture and manage customer information to create personalized connections and messaging


Instant customer access to a web-based progressive app that works on all devices, with no download required by the user