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Module Features & Benefits

Contactless Customer queue management by smartphone

Enhance guest safety and reduce front-of-house gathering by replacing written record keeping and pager systems with customer’s personal devices for contactless walk-in queue management. Increase server efficiency and table turn through the use of an intuitive table management system with seating charts and at-a-glance table status. Provide patrons with accurate wait time information to increase customer satisfaction. Push promotional messaging to patron smartphones while they are queue.
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Centralized Queue ManagementIncreases the efficiency of your walk-in queue and reduces human recording and reporting error
Contactless Opt-In Patrons join queue without contacting staff or handling pagers          
Accurate Wait Time Reporting Provides patrons with updated and accurate wait times, with no need to contact staff for updates
In-Queue Messaging Provide patrons with updates and selective messaging to enhance customer experiences, promote specials or up-sell specific items
Auto SuggestionAutomatically suggest alternative seating times and create reservation to prevent loss of business when the queue is full during peak business hours
Table PlannerDigital seating chart provides staff with at-a-glance table seating and real-time status for improved productivity and maximum table utilization

Module In Action

Join a virtual queue from your smartphone, without the need to wait in line, add your name to a list or handle a pager. Table-ready notifications are sent to your personal device.

What You Get In RestoNXT 

RestoNXT is an all-in-one solution for your restaurant or pub that includes the cutting-edge features plus powerful modules like pre-ordering, queue management and table selection, online pre-ordering and payment for takeaway and delivery service, delivery management and reporting, customer loyalty programs, analytical tools and more.


Contactless digital menus, ordering and payment from customer smartphones.


Non-contact reservations and diner check-in by smartphone


Reserve a specific table, pre-order and pre-pay by smartphone


Intuitive platform to manage on-line orders and deliveries


Contactless queue management with check-in and table-ready notifications to customer smartphones


Enhanced and personalized loyalty programs using RestoNXT data


Capture and manage customer information to create personalized connections and messaging


Instant customer access to a web-based progressive app that works on all devices, with no download required by the user