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All New Optimizes Your Video Delivery Manage Content On Venue Screens


Module Features & Benefits

Manage content on venue screens that optimizes your video delivery

Schedule Ad content by image, video, ticker, HTML, Vimeo, Web URL, etc. in real-time. The Interactive Display Management solution allows you to display your advertisement within the blink of an eye be it indoor or outdoor.

* Requires Custom Hardware

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Dynamic Menu BoardsCreate attractive digital menu boards with Interactive Display Management's easy-to-use digital content management features.
Advertise Special Offers With user-friendly scheduling features build guest love by advertising exclusive offers they can take advantage of.          
Build a brand Communicate directly to customers by sharing your social media feeds. Gain more followers and generate social proof.
Entertain your Clients Share food preparation, brand videos, stories. Share the contents your customers love to see.
News Tickers & AlertsEasily share news and weather updates with Interactive Display Management rich widget library.
Support environmentNo more printed leaflets or brochures now you’re going eco-friendly.

RestoDISPLAY Module In Action

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Part of these RestoNXT Suites

  • Unleash the full potential of the RestoNXT platform with a custom built progressive web app
  • Bespoke assistance from RestoNXT - 5 hours data onboarding & technical assistance
  • Modules included-
    • RestoMENU - Contactless digital menu, ordering & payment
    • RestoVATION - Contactless reservations and diner check-in
    • RestoPRE- Preorder & prepay against reservation
    • RestoTGO- Contactless online order & scheduled delivery
    • RestoQ- Contactless customer queue management
    • RestoLOYALTY- Personalized customer loyalty program
    • RestoCONNECT- Personalized customer engagement & campaign
    • RestoLitePWA- Customizable lite progressive web app